Picky-Picky Curry Chicken                                                      
Tender chunks of chicken marinated overnight in curry powder
and other spices                                                              

jaqi's Curry Goat                                                                
Tender chunks of goat meat marinated overnight in curry and
other spices                                                                  

One Love Jerk Chicken                                                           
Tender pieces of chicken marinated overnight in our famous
jerk spices and slowed roasted to perfection                  

Suzie's Jerk Pork                                                                   
Tender pieces of pork marinated in our famous Jerk spices
and slow roasted to perfection                                        

Rockers Brown Stew Chicken                                                 
Chunks of chicken braised in a brown sauce                    

Port royal Baked Chicken                                                        
Seasoned pieces of chicken with spices and baked to

Sambo Oxtail                                                                         
Tender, braised oxtail in brown sauce                             

Stoosh Wood Grilled Shrimp                                                   
Shrimp marinated in our famous jerk sauce and grilled to

Yabba Braised Tilapia                                                            
Tilapia seasoned in herbs and spices and garnished with
steamed onions and peppers...an absolute favorite                   

Kingston Jerk Pork Chops                                                       
Two brazed pork chops smothered with mango, cucumber and
onion salsa                                                                    

Partin's Signature Ital Stew
A mixture of fresh vegetables and red beans simmered in
spices and coconut milk served on a bed of rice                

All en'trees are served with white rice or rice & peas, plantains
and a garden salad